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Multiply Your Business Value in 3 Steps

The Path to Your Value Growth Breakthrough

This brief bold book teaches you how to shift your focus from profits to business value in three steps to multiply enterprise value 2x, 6x or more! 

Kerri uses the analogy of a charging rhinoceros. Nothing stops him. Following these three steps, nothing will stop you. As a charging rhino applying these three steps to your business, you can clearly, consistently, measurably maximize the long-term value of your business.

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A direct, hard-hitting, get it done guide for entrepreneurs. This book is compact because Kerri cuts out all the fluff and BS. She's a master at getting to the point quickly and effectively. If you are a growth-minded entrepreneur, this book is crucial for understanding how to build your middle market business the right way, communicating to motivate your team, and building real value that will convert to real dollars in the long term.

Susan Baracco


A healthy dose of insight for untapping extreme potential. Kerri's depth of experiential knowledge and passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their highest and best use come through in every word and every page of this book. Conventional wisdom would suggest that the rise of unicorn-level growth is an anomaly only attainable by a lucky few. Kerri destroys this myth with a three-step process to unlock the best of what your organization can achieve. Stepping out of a scarcity mindset to a paradigm of infinite potential and employing these best practices is the key to your value growth breakthrough.

Jason Tuzinkewich

Investment Banker